Shilajit Prash Ayurvedic Prash to increase male stamina, this Shilajit Prash contains 100% Ayurvedic and Natural Shilajit

Shilajit Prash (Boost Stamina)

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Strength and Vitality: Shilajitprash Shilajitprash is an Ayurvedic medicine for strength and vitality using a unique combination of important herbs such as Shilajit, White Musli, Conch seed, Salab Mishri, Nirbishi, Cinnamon, Chilgoza, Kalonji, Varq silver, Bansalochan and Saffron. Shilajitprash is good for health and helps in increasing strength, stamina, vigour and vitality.
Weight : 250g
Dose : 6g to 12g per day
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Why Shilajit Prash ?

  • Shilajitprash is a special Ayurvedic health tonic for men.
  • Shilajitprash is a powerful immune booster, it enhances immunity.

Herbs in Shilajit Prash

Musli Safed 250mg
Konch Beej 300mg
Salab Misri 250mg
Nirbhishi 250mg
Dalchini 250mg
Chighoza 700mg
Kalonji 700mg
Warq Chandi 40mg
Shilajit 25mg
Banslochan 250mg
Kesar 40mg
Khand QS.

Customer Reviews

--Vikar Nagar--
I found this product very effective and pure. It really works wonder for general fatigue. Now I feel much energetic after using it for 20 days. I can say that it is the best shilajit prash available in market.
--Anuj Sharma--
This product is very good and effective. I ordered 15 days ago. Packaging is very good. I received the product the next day when I placed my order. Its effects are visible very quickly
--kaushik singh--
Iska result bhot achcha h three month regular use k baad meri power me growth hua h thanks shilajit prash mene pehle bhi bahut se shilajit bale product ka istemal kiya hai lekin ye sabse behtar hai.
--Manish Kumar--
Recommend to everyone who want to boost testosterone. Original product.
--Vivek Bhatia--
We all know that testosterone not only control our sexual changes but also work as excess fat reducer..I am using this product from last week and it works on me tiredness has gone and now my day starts with full of energy . I recommend everybody to use this shilajit prash product.
I started taking Shilajit Prash. I am taking this daily. How my stamina and energy improved during this short period! No longer I feel the tiredness during my work! I felt much energetic